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7 styling tips to sell your property!

You never get a second chance at making a first impression. Therefore, it is important to make sure that potential buyers have a good feeling when viewing your property. How? Seven valuable points of advice to optimally present your house.

Potential buyers like to see space in a house. Therefore, create plenty of walking space. If necessary, temporarily remove several (heavy) pieces of furniture. Make sure everything is neat and tidy. So, no piles of newspapers and magazines on the coffee table, an empty worktop, the washing-up done, the laundry basket closed and the dog’s basket and the cat’s litter box temporarily at the neighbours’ house. And also give the shower head a quick clean.
Light also creates space. Let lots of light in: pull up the (roller) blinds and open all curtains as far as possible. Turn on some lights for a good atmosphere, even during the day. And give the windows a clean.
The scent of apple pie is a little out-dated. A fresh house works much better. Therefore, ventilate well and make sure your residence smells fresh. Place some fresh flowers on the table top.
Potential buyers must be able to imagine themselves living in your house. It is much harder for them to develop that feeling if there are personal items of yours scattered throughout the house. Therefore, take away photographs of you and other personal belongings. Get rid of post and remove your toothbrush from the bathroom. And perhaps it is better to paint over that purple wall with a softer, more neutral colour.
Getting fresh air into the house means cleaning the litter box. Or better yet: storing it at the neighbour’s house for a little while. Take the dog basket with you while you are at it. Do not forget the cat and the dog. Many people are scared of or allergic to pets. Your Boxer coming to say hello while potential buyers are visiting will not make them more inclined to buy.
A neutral residence does not contain its current occupants. Go outside and give potential buyers the chance to walk through and evaluate the house in peace. This will allow them to develop a better feeling for what it will be like when they live there themselves.
A calling card always looks neat and tidy. Give your pavement a sweep, remove weeds from the front garden, clean up toys from the backyard and mow the lawn. All this will give potential buyers the impression that your house is always neat and well-maintained, and contribute to a perfect first impression.

Easy steps giving potential buyers the impression you've kept your house tidy and clean at all times. This helps improving the first impression!

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