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Buying a house

There is a lot to consider when buying property. Allow yourself to be guided by an experienced and competent real estate broker. We know the housing market in The Hague and we know what type of attention each property requires.

Buying a house with peace of mind

There is a lot to consider when buying a house. What should you pay attention to? Is the asking price realistic? Does your new house fit in with your current situation, and will it still fit in the future? In what direction is the neighbourhood developing? And will the house of your dreams still be sellable in the future? Anna’s Makelaardij pays careful consideration to these questions, and many others, to ensure that you can rely on critical and competent assistance for the entire duration of your purchasing process.


We know the market

Buying property is a major decision. It is vital that this decision is made correctly. Allow yourself to be assisted by a broker with a wealth of knowledge. We know many of The Hague’s districts through and through and know what type of attention many of the often older residences require.

Continuous critical guidance

Our cooperation starts with a relaxing, but thorough conversation. We take the time to get to know you and develop an understanding of what type of house suits you best. We assist you in critically evaluating your property during the viewing and consider factors you might otherwise have overlooked. Have you considered the student housing above the property, for example? What about the garage next to it?

Special attention for apartments

Buying an apartment requires special attention. As a buyer of an apartment you automatically become a member of the VvE (Vereniging van Eigenaren – Dutch for the Association for Owners). The VvE is responsible for the entire building. Therefore, it is important to have good insight into the functioning and the financial state of the VvE. Additionally, we find out whether the property’s seller has any outstanding debts with the VvE for which you might be held accountable, to avoid additional and unexpected costs.

Reliable partner

Of course, we also look at how well the property has been maintained and other features such as accessibility, the proximity of schools and shops, and its marketability after potential renovation. In this manner we act as a reliable sparring partner and sharp negotiator. We will do everything to ensure that you find a house that gives you tremendous pleasure – now, and in the future.

We relieve you of the following during the buying process. This is what we do for you!

  • Map out your wishes and personal situation.
  • Ready to find the right property for you.
  • Join you for viewings.
  • Determine and discuss the right negotiation strategy.
  • Critically evaluate the property and its surroundings and discuss our findings with you.
  • Provide advice in relation to the property’s structural state.
  • Provide feedback regarding the state of the property’s maintenance.
  • Advise in relation to a host of legal aspects.
  • Read through the VvE’s documents with you.

Our cooperation starts with a relaxed, yet thorough conversation.

The following is also included in our service:

  • Conduct negotiations with the seller or his/her broker.
  • Establish the right price for you.
  • Provide advice in relation to the establishment of cancellation clauses, such as those relating to financing and/or structural inspection.
  • Clarify the deed of sale.
  • Assist you in the signing of the deed of sale.
  • Review the deed of delivery and the statement for settlement for you.
  • Inspect the purchased property and ensure that it is in adherence with the set agreements.
  • Record the meter readings.
  • Congratulate you with your new property.

Purchase your property successfully; make an appointment.

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