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Would you like your property to be valued? We meet the strict demands of the NWWI and can provide objective and thorough valuation reports in our function as sworn registered real estate broker and appraiser (RMT).

Valuation: a matter for experts

You would like finance your new property. Perhaps you would like your current mortgage to be converted into a different one. It might be the case that you have separate things as a result of a divorce. In such matters you need a valuation report from an independent appraiser.


Thorough valuation reports

Banks and other financial institutions are setting increasingly higher demands on valuation reports. As a result, the valuation report needs to be validated on a yearly basis by the NWWI (Nederlandse Woning Waarde Insituut or Dutch Property Value Institute). This institute ensures that each valuation report is uniformly created in adherence with strict guidelines, leading to a report that provides banks and consumers (and their intermediaries) with a clear view of how the appraiser reached his or her estimated valuation.

The right knowledge and expertise

Anna’s Makelaardij is a member of the NVM and the NRVT (het Nederlandse Register Vastgoed Taxateurs or Dutch Registry for Real Estate Brokers). As sworn registered real estate brokers and appraisers (RMT), we are capable of providing objective, thorough and reliable reports. Valuations are conducted with a sharp eye on the current developments in the market.

Price valuation

If you do not require an official valuation report, we can also be of assistance with simpler (more affordable) valuations.

This service is included in our thorough valuation. We…

  • Investigate the state of the property’s maintenance;
  • Investigate the structural state of the property;
  • Determine the content and surface area of the property;
  • Map out the property’s functional layout;
  • Investigate the property’s construction and used materials;
  • Evaluate their quality.

We also provide cheaper valuations

But that is not all. We also…

  • Consider the property’s location and surrounding area;
  • Investigate and evaluate the property’s allocation plan;
  • Investigate the property’s adherence to environmental regulations and its soil conditions;
  • Map out its insulation qualities and energy-efficiency;
  • Find out about all obligations, rights and easements;
  • And finally, supply a professional and supported valuation of the property.

Make the choice for an objective, thorough valuation. Make an appointment!